Ares Aterides OUT NOW!

Trained as infiltration units, the Aterides are the Ares light infantry units. After the emancipation wars against the Operators, the Ares army was in need of a rapid response unit capable of being deployed in short time and that could be easily transported. A new unit to combat new threats.




Riffs Berserkers OUT NOW!

The Riff organism is a perfect example of adaptation to the environment. In the early days of the empire's expansion, the Riffs who lived in systems with more aggressive solar radiation levels began to evolve with larger, more resilient bodies. The Berserkers are proof of this. Born on planets that would be mortal to man, this unit constitutes the evolutionary perfection of the Riff empire.




Sayx Nightstalkers OUT NOW!

Few corporations can compete with the military supremacy of Sayx Enterprises. However in politics not all wars are won on the battlefield. Sometimes you have to act with secrecy and delicacy and that what happens in the shadows never sees the light. When these occasions arrive, Sayx fields the Nightstalkers.




Harvesters Warping Drones OUT NOW!

It is believed that initially the Warping Drones were used to control the units of Necroslaves. However the development of the Cybermaster and the efficiency of the Warping Drones as a support unit made them gain a spot between the regular ranks of the Harvester annihilation machine.




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